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American Boy Pattern Monthly Baby Bodysuit Stickers

American Boy Pattern Monthly Baby Bodysuit Stickers
These monthly stickers are a perfect way to catch a special moment in your baby's life without having to buy a new graphic bodysuit each time. Just peel the sticker and place on a shirt of your choice each month. Whip out the camera and snap away! Great gift for parents to capture monthly birthday photos!

This design features red, white, and blue in patterns of zig zags, polka dots, stripes, and plaid.

Each sticker set comes with 13 stickers - a sticker for each month (1-12), plus a bonus "0" month sticker.

The stickers are:
-professional quality
-water, scratch, and smudge resistant
-glossy white
-about 4" in diameter.
-nicely packaged in a crystal clear bag, ready for gift giving.

Remove sticker when done taking pictures and before washing. Reuse the sticker in baby book or scrapbook!
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Our price: $12.00

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